International Spiritual Teacher & Luminary, inspirational Speaker, Mentor and Writer for the past thirty years, Sylvia is a recognised authority on Soul Education, *MRI of Ancient Wisdom, and the Universal Tree of Life.
She is passionately dedicated to serving the acceleration of

Soul Education and Consciousness Evolution

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‘OM’ International

This teaching branch of MAI – Melchizedek Academy International (est. 1996) - incorporates

  • **Order of Melchizedek Master Paths,
  • the ‘OM’ Neshamah Mystery School for the 21st century,
    a University for the Soul, and
  • Teacher Training Programmes.

Its unique services are offered through live and online seminars, retreats, Youtube channel, and home study courses.

YHSWH Body of Light.

Miracle Me!

I AM Mastery unleashing your God-Habit potential to live ‘Heaven on Earth.’

Sylvia’s latest Higher Self-inspired initiative empowers you to live a miraculous life of effortless mastery and abundance through functioning from your Divine Power Source. Its amazing proven techniques and methodologies add a dimension to your life un-dreamed of before, and are offered through seminars, inspirational talks, her upcoming book, e-book, and online programmes. More …

Book: The Miracle Effect.

The Miracle Effect

It's here! Sylvia's new 'must read' guidebook The Miracle Effect is now available from Sylvia direct (New Zealand only) or from

Discover how to effortlessly live your Heaven on Earth every day through four all-encompassing steps!
For more information on the book or to buy your copy, go to

These three marvellously empowering branches offer you tried ’n true transformational ‘Spiritual Science’ relevant to everyday living.
There is no short-cut. Instead, these programmes offer superbly practical fast-tracks that take you from purely intellectual Spiritual concepts to living – doing – becoming all you can be … a miracle-working expression of your Divine I AM Higher Self while still in physical form!

“There are only two ways to live your life ... one is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle!”
    Albert Einstein

Therefore Sylvia’s Soul Service is based upon teaching people just like you, methodologies for …

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Understanding your bigger picture
– how to weave together all you’ve
experienced and learned so far ...

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Living with Enlightened Consciousness
- always content, light- hearted, relaxed,
stress-free, handling challenges with ease ...

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Discovering what life’s about,
why you’re here – your Soul Mission,
Purpose and Service

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Seeking impeccable Spiritual
based on indisputable,
unchanging, Divine Principles ...

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Choosing to accelerate your Evolution and become your own Spiritual Life Coach
if you’re one who this is for ...

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Using the 10 Master Ascension Keys & your unique Spiritual APPS* Ascension Process Personal Steps - to accelerate your Evolution ...


  * Modern Relevant Interpretation

** Order of Melchizedek is in charge of humanity’s Spiritual evolution.